Photo right: from left clockwise Uwe Derksen, Thierry Heynen, Stephane Trois-Carres, Hugo Fenwick.

Photo bottom: Arnold Schwartzman OBE RDI, Caron Derksen.

Caron Derksen

Uwe Derksen

TMS Director

TMS Director

Caron is a qualified and practicing solicitor for over twenty five years, having specialised in civil law and currently practices company and contract law. Caron has also taught various aspects of law and processes at FE and HE institutions. In 2001 Caron took a break from the legal profession when she set up and managed her own company to project manage high value European Commission work for ten years. The projects mainly centred on e-learning for small medium enterprises. Having lived and worked in Margate and East Kent for the last 35 years, Caron has first hand experience of the towns economic decline and now regeneration with emphasis on the arts. Caron is keen to develop a sustained engagement between liberal arts education and the local community and attract new interest and European links to the town.
Uwe Derksen has twenty five years of experience in higher and com-munity engaged education, thirteen years specifically in the arts, supporting socially and environmentally engaged arts practice. He has raised over £30m from public and private sources in support of the various educational and social initiatives. Uwe strong- ly believes in equality of opportunities and a just society. He is a local resident and first came to Margate in 1980. He has supported Margate’s regeneration through a number schemes and interventions since the early 1990s, including the CCUC campus in Broadstairs. He is currently completing his PhD at the University of Kent researching the culture and regeneration in Folkestone and Margate. He developed and managed a number of EU projects, including the recent ICR project. Uwe leads the school together with the support of friends and like-minded individuals.

Martin Ebbs

Hugo Fenwick

TMS Director

TMS Director

Martin has 30 years experience in business + economic development consultancy. He holds an MBA from London Business School. His specialist expertise includes setting up programmes to support business growth, new enterprise + innovation; development of growth sectors + business clusters; inward investment promotion; economic growth strategies; + workforce skills programmes. He previously held a series of senior positions with London International Group, a multi-national FMCG company, Economic + Transport Planning Group, Eurotunnel.
Hugo Fenwick is the trading driector of the Fenwick department store, which is a national department store chain. Hugo was trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young London and has extensive experience in capital projects.  In 2014/15 Hugo was appointed as High Sheriff of Kent. Hugo sponsored a dinner in Margate in March 2015 to local, regional and French stakeholders in support of TMS.
Arnold Schwartzman OBE RDI
Arnold Schwartzman OBE RDI, Patron of The Margate School, is an Academy Award® winning filmmaker and noted graphic designer. He grew up in Margate and then moved to Hollywood in 1978 to become the Design Director for Saul Bass and Associates. In 1982, Schwartzman was appointed the Director of Design for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Since 1996, he has designed many of the key elements for the Annual Academy Awards® (“Oscar®”), including commemorative posters, billboards, cinema trailers and printed programs for the Awards ceremony and Governors Ball.

“Today I continue to reap the benefits of the solid art education that I received while attending Margate's Thanet School of Art & Crafts. At that time the South East Coast of Kent boasted of having as many as five art schools. In 1973 the Thanet School of Art & Crafts closed its doors, leaving the Thanet area in need of this essential component of education. On a recent visit to the primary school that I had attended in Margate, I was most encouraged to learn how many of these young people had already formed a desire to pursue a life in the creative arts. I wondered, where can these future creatives acquire the same opportunity that I was once given. The unquestionable answer is: It's about time Thanet had a much needed new Art School, "The Margate School".

École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen (ESADHaR) - TMS Partner

In Rouen the school was  created in 1741 by the painter Jean- Baptiste Descamps, the École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Rouen was officially recognized in 1750. Since that year, its history has blended together with that of the two institutions, which led to its origin: the public education and the Academy of Rouen. They have marked it with a double impression, educational and cultural, which is still alive. Indeed, after having experienced the upheavals of the revolutionary period, the school was officially reopened in 1804. 

In Le Havre The creation of the École Supérieure d’Art du Havre dates back to 1800, under the Consulate. On the proposal of citizen Antoine-Marie Lemaître, architect and former student of the Academy of Paris, the municipality opened on 15 November 1800, a free School of Drawing. In 1811, after ten years of functioning in a difficult political context, and following the death of Lemaître, the school ceased its activities for a few years. In 1824, a Municipal School of Drawing reopened in Le Havre. 

Thierry Heynen became director of the École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen in 2011. From 2005 to 2011, he was director of the École Supérieure d’Art du Havre. He has also been director of the École Municipale d’Arts Plastiques d’Yvetot and founded the Centre d’art contemporain ‘Galerie Duchamp’. Thierry Heynen has also developed his artistic practice mix-ing painting, sculpture and performance. His work has been shown in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Egypt and China. He has been a member of the artists’ association ‘Art Seine Tri.D’ for ten years.
Stéphane Trois Carrés is a painter, videographer training. His works are as much physical experimentation as science-fiction essays. As a student at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs ENSAD, early 1980 he founded the group The Brothers Ripoulin. Associated with different educational projects, collaborating in the l’Association Bois Sacré in the context of training at the Conservatory of Arts and Media, Balla Kouyaté Fasseke Bamako, Mali. He teaches video since 1999 at the l’École supérieure d’art et design Le Havre-Rouen and at the University of Marne-la-Vallée. Member of ICR Group (Interregional Culture-led Regeneration) . Commissioning member of Société civile des auteurs multimédia, where he created the Pierre Schaeffer Exchan. Stéphane is responsible for the collaboration with TMS.